I love building guitars. Is my passion, was my hobby and now is also my job.

In 1994, when I was 20 years old,  I saw for the first time the Avalon Paradis, the master piece of Rolf Spuler and Matthis Grob, played by Pino Daniele, I fell in love with this guitar and I decided to build one from scratch  as I had not enough money to buy one. Every day before and after attending courses at  university, I visited a guitar shop in Naples where the paradis Avalon was exposed. I designed the body guessing the dimensions through the showroom’s glass. I built my paradis using padouk, a through-body neck and an olive fretboard. At that time internet was not as it’s today, so it was very difficult to learn bases of the guitar building (for example the fret positioning was not simple as it’s today). That was my very first guitar and my first step in the beautiful field of the guitar building or lutherie.

The next 8 years I had to slow down my hobby for the University studies. After the graduation in Electronic Engineering (2003) I decided to invest more and more time to continue my trip in the guitar building world. From that day I’ve never stopped studying guitar making and never stopped buiding guitars for all my friends and friends of them.

In 2017 I opened formally my guitar building activity named maple HANDMADE and registered my logo.

My first three official guitar models are: whiteladyblacklady and oldlady.

In the 2018 I introduced my first multiscale acoustic guitar with no-fanned fretboard: the frets do not have a fanned pattern, but the frets’ angles are all negative, altough they are not paralell.