Electric Guitars

At maple HANDMADE each guitar is unique and is built having clear in mind our quality standards. In every guitar we put all our passion and our engineering knowledge.

All our electric guitars have significant little, sometimes hidden, differences with respect to commercial ones.

It is worth highlighting some of them:

  • XXIV frets
  • Fretboard with compound  radius (tipically 12″-30″)
  • High Quality Locking tuning machine (Schaller, Sperzel)
  • High Quality spoke wheel truss-rod
  • High Quality Bridge (fixed or tremolo)
  • Magnetic truss-rod cover at XXIII frets
  • Compensated nut (better intonation specially at first positions)
  • Inlayed frets (no more binding), the fret slots have the same curve of the fretboard
  • Sintoms® frets in Nickel-Silver at 18% or stainless steel
  • Bolt-on neck with steel threatened nuts

The whitelady model is our reinterpretation of a classic; the body silhouette is more gentle and curvy with a 45° chamfered edge

The blacklady follows the classic shape, the top is simply colored (every color is available, not only black), while the sides and back are transparent finished and the top features a thin fake binding