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Lady Jazz Headless guitar is designed with the specific needs of jazz musicians in mind, offering a combination of portability, responsiveness, and a classic jazz guitar tone. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Semi-Hollow Body: The semi-hollow design provides a warm and resonant tone, characteristic of jazz guitars. It also contributes to the lightweight nature of the instrument, making it easy to travel with.

Wood Composition:

Body: Constructed from Okume, which contributes to the guitar’s resonance and tonal properties.

Top: Figured Etimoè adds aesthetic appeal and may enhance the overall tone.

Neck Construction:

Neck Material: A combination of maple, wenge, and bubinga for stability, tonal balance, and durability.

Fretboard: Rosewood fretboard for a smooth playing experience.


Compensated Nut: Improves intonation across the fretboard.

XXIV Frets: Extended 24-fret range for expanded playing options.

25″ Scale: Commonly used in jazz guitars, offering a comfortable and familiar feel.

Pickup and Controls:

Humbucker: A single neck humbucker, handmade for a warm and clear jazz tone.

Wooden Cover and Ring: Adds an aesthetic touch to the pickup.

1 Volume, 1 Tone: Simple control layout for easy tonal adjustments.


3-Way Capacitor Selector: Offers different tonal options (15nF, 22nF, 47nF) for versatility in shaping your sound.

Weight: The guitar weighs only 2.15kg, making it exceptionally lightweight and suitable for traveling musicians.

Tuning Machine: Equipped with T4M tuning machines made in Italy for precise tuning stability.

Neck Attachment: Bolt-on neck with threaded nuts and compensation springs, ensuring a solid connection and ease of maintenance.

Strings: Designed for use with 0.010 gauge strings, offering a balance between playability and tone.

Overall, the Lady Jazz Headless guitar appears to be a well-thought-out instrument tailored for jazz players who value a lightweight, responsive, and tonally versatile guitar for both travel and performance.


Semi hollow headless jazz guitar

Body in Toulipier

Top in figured European ASH

Neck maple/wenge/bubinga

Rosewood fretboard

Compensated NUT

XXIV frets

25″ scale

Only 1 neck humbucker (handmade)

wooden Cover and ring

1 Volume and 1 Tone

3-way capacitor selector: 15nF, 22nF, 47nf

Weight only 2,15Kg

Tuning machine T4M (made in Italy)

Bolt on neck with threaded nuts with compensation springs

0.010 strings

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Peso 8 kg
Dimensioni 100 × 50 × 15 cm