All the products purchased at the maple HANDMADE shop have an Italian guarantee pursuant to the Legislative Decree. 206/2005 (consumer code):

WARRANTY means the free repair or replacement of components or parts of the instrument recognized by the relative manufacturers as defective in workmanship or material. The warranty does not cover accidental damage or damage resulting from loss or non-use of the item. Furthermore, we decline any responsibility for any damage that may, directly or indirectly, arise to people, things, or animals as a result of failure to observe the instructions indicated in the appropriate operating manuals.

The WARRANTY is recognized to all those buyers who present the original purchase invoice together with the item for which repair is being requested in the original packaging complete with all the accessories supplied.

For consumers, i.e. those who purchase for purposes unrelated to their professional or entrepreneurial activity, Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6 September 2005 will apply (24 months under the legal conditions);
For other buyers, who usually buy with VAT numbers, the legal guarantees referred to in articles 1490 et seq. of the Civil Code will apply. (12 months under the legal conditions).
In any case, any warranty extensions issued directly by the manufacturer remain unaffected.


The warranty is valid for the period indicated, starting from the invoice date on all parts of the item not subject to wear due to malfunctions attributable to manufacturing defects.

The warranty DOES NOT APPLY to damage caused by negligence, NON-CONFORMING, or improper use of the instrument.

If, during the warranty period, one or more parts are replaced for repair with part or more parts not authorized by the relevant manufacturers, or not complying with the appropriate safety and quality measures for the same, or even if the repair is carried out by UNAUTHORIZED personnel, the buyer loses the right to repair.

Consumable parts considered subject to normal wear and tear, such as strings or fret groove cutters, are EXCLUDED from this warranty.